Arizona Courier & Delivery Service

Why should you select Ace Express, Inc. to handle your valuable documents and packages for deliveries around Arizona?

We are a family-owned company that answers to our customers, who often are our neighbors as well.

We know many of your neighborhoods because we live here as well as work here. When we thrive it helps other local businesses thrive too, so we are proud to provide you with first class service.

  • Our company headquarters are in Tempe so perfectly located for the most populated areas of Arizona
  • We established our business in 1998, and have continued to grow
  • Our customers appreciate our fast service featuring one, two and three hour deliveries
  • The feedback from clients tells us they consider our high quality of service when needing deliveries

Ace Express, Inc. Delivers outside Arizona too!

Just because we have won the hearts and loyalty of many local businesses doesn’t mean we are limited to in-state delivery sites. Often your paperwork or packages go to multiple destinations both in and outside of Arizona.

Count on us to rush, if necessary, your packets and packages to all corners of the US. Call us for special requests!

We are not just a ground vehicle based company. Here are a few aspects of our delivery services:

  • Since we are open 24 hours every day, you may call our dispatch line or use our secure website for ordering and tracking.
  • We also have Hot Shot deliveries throughout the US
  • Fragile, Urgent, Over-sized? We can help you in every aspect of your delivery needs

The Personnel at Ace Express, Inc. Makes Us Shine

Worried about being just a number to us, or getting lost in the shuffle? It is our goal to have a personal relationship with each and every one of our clients and our efficient and helpful customer relations department members do just this. They’d love to meet you.

Our drivers too will be your face to the people who receive your deliveries and we promise they will impress.

In our office, you can work equally well with anyone on the staff for ordering, or you may choose to speak with the same person every time.

  • Since we are open 24 hours every day, you use our secure website for ordering and tracking
  • Our delivery people are badged and wear uniforms for a professional look
  • Our friendly service is our trademark