Live or Work in Peoria?  Call Ace Express, Inc. for your Important Deliveries

Ace Express, Inc. for Friendly, Convenient and Efficient Deliveries in Peoria

Local-Delivery-Peoria-AZSometimes you or your business may need to have an important package delivered.  Sometimes, it is just paperwork that needs to get somewhere fast.  Why not call Ace Express, Inc., your Tempe-based courier and delivery service, to get this done?  Being an Arizona company, you know Peoria is practically in our back yard.  You’ll love our staff, from our customer service associates who can help you quickly and get it right the first time, to our badged and uniformed delivery person. They’ll present a professional face at the drop off spot for your cargo, large or small.

  • When we say 24/7, we mean it. And this is 365 days a year
  • Allow us to customize your invoices to work with your system
  • Our secure website can also be used to order any time of day
  • Track from the website as well, for your convenience


Peoria,  Ace Express, Inc. Has the Fleet and Personnel to Handle your Deliveries

Courier-PeoriaNot only are we local, we have been in business for over two decades and we are still growing.   Our company is family owned and we’d like you to feel like you are part of our family too. Our courteous and expert customer service people will make the process a breeze and our drivers are adept at finding even the most difficult location.  Don’t worry; we have car deliveries for nearby paperwork and a variety of vehicles for packages, all the way up to flatbeds with lifts.

  • We have economy rates, please ask about them
  • Routed deliveries are available
  • We have air freight and Hot Shot deliveries for longer distances, all over the US
  • One, two or three hour deliveries can be promised locally


Who in Peoria Might Need Deliveries from Ace Express, Inc.?


  • Medical facilities can use Ace Express, Inc. to send and receive specimens and fluids for analysis
  • Need paperwork signed immediately for a real estate transaction?  Call us for help
  • Proofs for items being printed can be expedited
  • Legal, tax and other paperwork can be couriered rapidly
Ace Express, Inc.

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